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2017/18 UPDATES


I first became aware of the artist Hubert Williams over 50 years ago when I came across his sketches of London scenes in 1930s copies of Blue Peter magazine that I had inherited from my Grandfather (see www.kenford.me.uk )

I saved them all and framed four of them. Then, 50 years later, in a gallery iin Cambridge, I came across the original drawing for a copy of the magazine. I bought it, framed it, and displayed it alongside the others (see far right)

Eventually I succeeded in tracking down the edition of the magazine (June 1927) for which it was drawn (above left). Since then I have looked out for other examples of his work and have acquired these three signed originals:

As well as drawing for newspapers and magazines, Hubert Williams' commercial work included school wallcharts and children's book illustrations.

I have a copy of 'The Little White Duck' that he illustrated, a sample page of which is shown below. Alongside it is a 1941 menu folder for the Royal Mail Lines ship, SS Andes, which features his painting.

Hubert Williams 1905-1989 Studied at the Royal Academy Schools and St. Martin's School of Art


For my EXHIBITIONS collection I bought some postcards of the 1938 Glasgow Empire Exhibition painted by Brian Gerald that I thought were very well done. (See kenford.me/exhibitions). When I found out that in the 1930s he had produced some of Bridlington, where I spent childhood holidays, I sought them out and bought them:

I did some research and found out that Brian Gerald was actually Walter Henry Sweet who used his sons' names when he went to work for Valentines of Dundee, where he produced over 1000 cards. Under his own name he produced paintings and sketches of his native Devon some of which have been published in the booklet shown on the right.

I have also been able to collect some of his signed etchings. The ones shown below include a set of six scenes of Venice.

Walter Henry Sweet 1889-1943 Studied at St. John's School, Exeter and Exeter School of Art