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A can for Christmas 2016

The new can with the horizontal writing was soon replaced by the CLASSIC one

Special can and bottles for the FIFA World Cup in Brasil. There are now literally hundreds of different  'collectable' aluminium bottles being produced all over the world selling for about £10 each when full and some empty ones for over £100. Crazy! Mine are all finds or ones I've drunk out of - and the two bottles above were being sold off in a supermarket at 2p (yes 2p) each 

ABOVE: I got the can on the left in Iceland and the bottle  in the centre commemorates the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  The Diet Coke can shape is not one I had seen before.

LEFT:a Coca Cola menu holder (but I've put an old ad. in it!)

The Life can was given out as free sample when it was introduced in late2014

Six 2016 cans, the Zero and Life ones on the left didn't last long, being replaced by the ones on the right.

Coca Cola signs seen abroad:

Left is a roadside shop near Trois Rivieres, Canada in 2015

Right is in a souk in Tetouan, Morocco in 2016

A French can for Euro2016

NEW IN 2019

I picked up this smart Coca Cola loose leaf personal organiser for €1 at a flea market in Cadiz.The showcard came from Trieste, Italy.

The 330ml can above came from Portugal and I found the unusual 12 fl.oz. can in St. Lucia where I

took the photo below of the Coca Cola bottling plant.    The delivery van is in Vigo, Spain

NEW IN 2023

Here are some Coca Cola signs I spotted in various countries in 2023