To see all the Quality Street tins  I've collected before 2015 please visit my original website at www.kenford.me.uk/page4


This unusual Quality Street card set was a present from my son, Michael

NEW IN 2017

I came across this 1950s store display price card in an antique shop(and metal polishers!) on Main Street, Gibraltar.

NEW IN 2020

NEW IN 2019

This tin, from the 1970s, was passed on to me by Eric Nolan in 2019

The two tins on the right  are both from the 1990s.

Three of the tins below are new acquisitions making a set of tins for the 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th anniversaries of the Quality Street Brand.

In 2021 I bought this copy of J.M.Barrie's play Quality Street because of it's Art Deco cover.

Instead of the tins just changing each year, they are now different in design from one supermarket to the next - and you can even get personalised ones. I'll just try to get one new one each year! Here are three of them:

So here is my example from 2022:

Also in 2022 I bought and enjoyed this novel about three girls working in Mackintosh's Quality Street factory shortly after production started in the 1930s. The author is the Historian and Archivist at the Quality Street Factory.