PROGRAMMES 2016 /2017

To see all the programmes I've collected before 2015 please visit my original website at

Some are from shows I've seen, others I've bought or had passed on to me by others.

These are from the shows I saw in 2016






I've added the following to my collections of London's  PALLADIUM (now 60) and HIPPODROME (now 68) programmes plus OTHERS - including BLACKBURN - (over 1500): 

PALLADIUM                                              OTHERS     



I've also acquired these flyers for London Hippodrome shows and a poster by Abram Games for Bet Your Life


These are from the shows I saw in 2017


MUSICALS                                       BALLET & OPERA


This year I added this 1922 Cinderella programme to my almost comlete collection from the LONDON HIPPODROME

The following programmes that I have collected are from Blackburn - where I live. Many date from the 1920s and the 1930s when there were many amateur drama groups in the town.

The Blackburn Garrick Society performed plays in the Y.M.C.A. Hall and a Drama Festival was held in the Grand Theatre.  Also at the Grand were Dance Recitals and performances by the   Blackburn Shakespearean Society

The six programmes below are for plays written by Thomas Boys Lewis MA FSA. His parents were industrialists in Blackburn and Thomas went into the family business. He had a great interest in history and donated early textile machinery to the local museum. He was instrumental in saving the nearby Samlesbury Hall from demolition and it was there that his historical plays were performed.

Programmes below are for dance displays and classical concerts in the town's King George's Hall.

Concerts by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the Halle Orchestra continue to be played in the hall to this day.