RIGHT: A  Cremona toffee tin - a souvenir from the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition.

FAR RIGHT: A Mitchell's cigarette card album complete with cards illustrating the buildings at the 1938  Empire Exhibition in Glasgow

LEFT: A programme for the 1953 Festival of Britain international football match between Doncaster Rovers and Floriana of Malta. It is signed by all the players and officials and was presented to my sister (who was at the match) by the chairman.

RIGHT: The guide book to the Brisbane WORLD EXPO 88 given to me by my wife's cousin, Val.

In 2019 I visited the site of the EXPO'92 in Seville. I got a copy of the Expo Guide to find my way around and took many photographs of the remaing structures including the two above. RIGHT: an Expo'92 Coca Cola lapel badge.


A superb illustration of the 1938 Empire Exhibition

on the front page of a special 100 page edition of The Glasgow Herald.

Shown below are the centre pages and on the right is a page showing an aerial view of the exhibition ground in Bellahouston Park

This is a souvenir mustard

pot from the 1924

Wembley Empire Exhibition

Miniature clogs from the 1939 New York World's Fair. The  stamped label shows that they were sent through the mail like this!

Also from the 1938 Glasgow Empire Exhibition are this attractive powder compact showing the Tower of Empire and these glass tumblers

The Tower of Empire appears on the cover of this 1938 book about Glasgow. The drawing inside, by Robert Eadie, also shows the Steel Pavilion and the Atlantic Resaurant.

1964 New York World's Fair

Right: Picture Book    Left and below: slides and Viewers


In June 2022 I visited Bellhouston Park, Glasgow, the site of the 1938 Empire Exhibition where the only remaining structure is the former Palace of Art - now used as a gym. I was invited to look inside and was pleased to find the courtyard looking unchanged apart from the loss of its statues. Here are two photographs I took and the cover of an excellent 60 page book I bought about the exhibition produced by The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland.