To see all the Kit Kat wrappers and related items I've collected before 2015 please visit my original website at


Above are various promotional items: cool bag; tin; tea cosy; ruler and the tray that marked the Golden Anniversary of the introduction by Rowntrees of the Kit Kat bar.

The Brit Kat Celebration Pack was produced to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. On my original website you can see the wrapper issued to mark the Queen's Coronation in 1953.

Also on my original website, I said that I was not impressed by Nestle's reworking of the lettering when they introduced a highlight line. I notice that this year they have returned to a plain red as in the three packs on the left.


Here is one of the newest Kit Kat tins in the shape of a bus together with one of the oldest.


When Kit Kat was first produced by Rowntrees in 1935 it was subtitled 'Chocolate Crisp'. This was dropped two years later when it became just Kit Kat.

So this tin must be from 1935 or 1936.