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CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE:  Peter Stuyvesant Apron; Players Please tin with hinged lid; Ogden's Walnut Sliced tobacco tin; Craven Curly Cut tobacco tin; Winston 'Cigarette Pack' Radio; Schimmelpennick Duet cigar tin.


In 2019, for the first time in a few years, I added a few vintage packets to my collection. I have had the front of a Beechwood packet for some time but I have now managed to get a complete one. Autograph, from the 1920s, is quite rare and I have not come across Guildsman or Conquest before. I have had blue Tenner packs before but not a green one. 

I found the 'live' JEAN pack at a flea market in Cadiz. The WEEK-END tin came from an antique centre in Yorkshire. The CRAVEN "A" tin has been added to the collection seen on the 2017 page.

Other tobacco related items acquired in 2019 were two ashtrays; three branded lighters (the Camel one came from the Cadiz flea market); Rothmans pen & penknife and a Gold Flake mileage calculator.

In an antique centre I found this BLACK CAT stamp album produced by Carreras in 1907 

NEW IN 2020

Just one new item added: this leatherette covered, wood lined cigarette box.  by State Express. With thanks to Eric Nolan who passed this fine item on to me.He also gave me the following as seen above: Rothmans pen & pocket knife; 3 cigarette lighters; Stuyvesant apron; Winston radio and Duet cigar tin.

NEW IN 2021

Once again it's thanks to Eric, who used to be in the tobacco trade, for giving me these bar towels advertising cigarette brands.