To see all the programmes I've collected before 2015 please visit my original website at

Some are from shows I've seen, others I've bought or had passed on to me by others.

The following programmes are all from the shows that I saw in 2019:

I added this London Hippodrome programme from 1915 to my almost complete collection from that theatre.

I liked the unusual illustration on this programme for a 1958 Italian Opera Season at Drury Lane Theatre.

I bought this programme because of its 1960s drawing of the Royal Court Theatre that replaced the previous 1930s style.

I have been fortunate once again in having two sets of programmes kindly passed on to me. A few are for shows I have seen myself and have therefore been displayed before. However I include them again for the sake of completeness.

This first group was given to me by Pat Watson of Blackburn:

The following programmes came from Ruth Loft, also of Blackburn.