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This particular collection has been somewhat neglected for some time - my previous videos are over 10 years old. So I've photographed and catalogued nearly 2000 to bring things up to date in 2021. In the intervening years a number of High Street stores have closed down so I've made a couple of videos showing the bags used by some of those stores:

BHS, C&A, Chelsea Girl and Debenhams

Burton, River Island,Top Shop, Top Man, Safeway, Woolworths, Mothercare and Fine Fare.

Here are some more plastic bags from my collection - this time from three stores that are still around:




In 2023 another retailer was lost from our town centres -  wilko  Here are some bags from the store:

Also in 2023, I was given a bag by Caroline Wood that she had brought back from Mongolia - a first for my collection!

As far as I can make out, the reverse (on the right) tells us that 'NOMIN' (a grocery retailer) has been 'Proudly Mongolian' for '30 years' 'since 1992'.

I'm not sure whether, on the left, SPEED is followed by 30 or 130 seconds. As for the rest, the best Google Translate can do is 'THE COMMITTEE NEM DESIRE THIS AB' with the following on the M: 'every month a total of 60 individuals'.