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This Black Magic box was produced in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation. All mY vintage Black Magic TINS can be seen on my original website at:




This cardboard Black Magic box, also from the 1950s, uses the original classic design.

On the left is a 1930s Maison Lyons Chocolate Biscuit tin in with a superb colourful art deco design. It is in great condition.

    2021 UPDATES

I have had The Rule Book of the League of Ovaltineys since about the age of 8 but don't recall ever having had a badge. Well now I have! The book contains the music for the jingle 'We are the Ovaltineys'.

 For more vintage Ovaltine items go to:   www.kenford.me.uk/page192

Two vintage Horlicks mugs and a very large jar.

Also a 2021 Christmas Special Edition jar.

In 2021 I came across my old AA key that was used to gain entry into AA phone boxes like the one shown on the left. It had the original AA logo on it. I managed to get two later ones with the newer sloping A's on them.

Having started collecting London's Empress Hall programmes in 2021 (see HERE) I got this badge from the 1950s to compliment them.

 2023 UPDATE

This bronze medallion doesn't fit any of my collections although similar ones were made for World Fairs. The Great Wheel revolved at  Earl's Court from 1895 to 1906