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This box of 12 packets of CRESCENT razor blades (not dummy packs!) was the only new addition this year.

LEFT:- Three Gillette items: an unusual orange 2/6 packet of  stainless blades;  a pyramidal razor pack and a 1960s plastic dispenser case of platinum blades.

BELOW:- Wilkinson Sword: Hollow Ground   Blades pack and a  5 blade dispenser case.  Rolls  Razor Super Blade.  

NEW IN 2018

I am finding it increasingly difficult to obtain safety razor blades for everyday use - I can't get any locally. I got these from a small shop in the Lanes at Brighton.


Here is a new acquisition that interestingly has a separate blade for each day of the week with a suggestion on the pack that each blade is 'rested' for the rest of the week! Made in Sheffield by J. Stead & Co. Ltd.