Ken Ford



RIGHT: A  Cremona toffee tin - a souvenir from the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition.

FAR RIGHT: A Mitchell's cigarette card album complete with cards illustrating the buildings at the 1938  Empire Exhibition in Glasgow

LEFT: A programme for the 1953 Festival of Britain international football match between Doncaster Rovers and Floriana of Malta. It is signed by all the players and officials and was presented to my sister (who was at the match) by the chairman.

RIGHT: The guide book to the Brisbane WORLD EXPO 88 given to me by my wife's cousin, Val.

In 2019 I visited the site of the EXPO'92 in Seville. I got a copy of the Expo Guide to find my way around and took many photographs of the remaing structures including the two above. RIGHT: an Expo'92 Coca Cola lapel badge.